Friday, 12 December 2014

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Graphic Design Logos creating a professional logo :So you want to create a logo that looks catchy and professional? So where do you begin? Well like all great things, there is an art and a method to logo design. Research and Design :When you create a professional logo you create a quick and easy image that the customer sees. We are visual people, and just recognizing that image can lead the customer to a purchase or drive them away from it. The idea then, is to create an image that speaks to the customer, but also gives a sense on how the company operates. It defines the relationship between the customer and the supplier. As you begin you want to know what it is the company sells. It could be a product such as clothing, or a service such as tax filing. Then you want to look at the values of the company. What's most important to them? How do they achieve this? Once you have that general idea, then the design process can begin. Start sketching out your ideas. Find the ones that speak loudest. Then, find the ones that do it in a simple way. A logo that is too complex will distract from the message. Send off the ideas to the client, take their feedback, and adjust accordingly. Rinse, repeat. Do this until you have a design that they love. Digitizing :Now then, it's time to put the idea into a digital art form. This is the step that can either make or break your logo. While you want to stay open minded and creative, you don't want to stray too far away from your original idea. The key to a good logo is simplicity. It doesn't need to be flashy and busy. It just needs to speak to the customer. A good rule of thumb: The logo should look complete when everything is monochromatic. That's right. The logo should look just as good in all black or all white as it does with all the embellishments. It's about balance. It's about a lasting impact. You don't want to traumatize a customer into remembering the logo. You want them to appreciate it in the split second they see it. That way when they see it again, it's a positive reaction. Finalizing :Your logo is nearing completion. It looks professional and classy. It's not too busy. It gives off a positive message about the company. Go back and check and double check your work. Talk to your client to make sure they don't have any last minute requests. Make sure you did your vector mapping correctly. Do you have a backup for future use? Are you going to include this in your portfolio later on? Now that you've gone through and checked and rechecked everything, it's time to send the completed product to your client. Remember to maintain a professional attitude. Be courteous. Give them a business card and ask them to refer you to their friends. Crack open a beer, and move onto your next project.
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