Friday, 12 December 2014

Design Logos

As a designer I have seen many businesses that make cut backs when it comes to their logo but this is a huge mistake as the company owners do not understand that the company logo is the face of the company, and if they do not have a professionally designed logo they are creating distrust and most customers or clients will not want to deal with them as they will not see them as professional. So if you are starting a business it pays to invest in a professionally designed logo first, before any other design work is taken care of. Another mistake is that some business owners organise a website design before the logo and ask for their logo to suit their website but it is not the way that it should be done as the most important thing is to create the logo to suit their company, products/service and target market, thus creating an image and once this is complete they should seek to have a website and other design work created. A great logo can provide a company with success as it will provide trust and will convey a professional message. A great logo is simple and memorable, if the logo contains too many graphics it can look unprofessional and messy, thus creates distrust to the viewer. If you think of large companies, all of them have professional logos. Other reasons why simple is better is that if the logo is too complex there could be printing issues, the logo could be hard to read when minimised, the logo can be very expensive to print. When starting your business, think of your brand first as it will pay and you will achieve your goals if you invest in a professional logo design. If you really need to save money don't do it by designing your own logo as this could be a great loss for your company in the long term, you may not even notice it or you may but if you do have a logo designed correctly by professionals the rewards will be great. When an experienced designer or design team designs a logo they go through a process of research, planning, sketching and creating, they also ensure that the methods they use and the colors they use are appropriate for all usages and they also ensure that the colors are correct for professional printing methods.
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